Welcome To Planned Delivery

Planned Delivery is the complete real-time electronic booking software for Planned Delivery of patients. The system covers all eventualities of a busy Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, reducing the time and risks associated with the booking process.

This feature-rich system allows the department to manage their daily workload more efficiently, ensuring that the distribution of patient bookings is compatible with staffing levels. Intuitive design ensures that data entry must adhere to pre-set rules, that, if broken, will require approval from a senior member of staff.


Comprehensive ‘Setup’ area that acts as the engine room of the sotware allows the unit the to create sets of rules that the user must adhere to when booking a patient for their planned delivery. Failure to match these rules will reulst in approval being required from a senior staff member.

Automate Booking

This paperless solution automates the booking process from start to finish, reducing the potential for human error by replacing the use of a handwritten diary. In-built, automatic text reminders ensure that the patient is kept up-to-date at different stages of her booking.


The software being designed and developed by a medical doctor with 3rd level education in computing. The unique combination results in an intuitive, clinically driven system that targets the limitations of many administrative-based software being used in the medical sector.

Detailed Data Analysis

Click of a button access to comprehensive statistics with accompnaying graphical charts to help improve auditing of your service.

Compare data across different sites, such as management, mode of delivery and outcome.

Easily detect cases where the outcome of the delivery differs from the planned action.

View entries that required approval, allowing yout department to fine tune their rules.

System Features

Customisable setup area

Real-time data synchronisation

Set daily limits for patient bookings

Move patients to different dates

Transfer patients to other hospitals

Intuitive data entry

Comprehensive statistics with graphics

Detailed dynamic printing options

Robust security

Automatic text alerts sent to patients

In-built preoperative appointment system

Waiting list option

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