Welcome To Device Manager

Device Manager… A to Z is the complete asset management and inventory tracking solution. The cross-platform, feature-rich, all-encompassing software package will help your business or organisation to promote efficiency, improve performance and reduce time and costs.

The system delivers advanced capabilities in a user-friendly format. By integrating all aspects of device data, Device Manager enables you to track and manage your devices over their life time, including Services, Movements, Repairs and much more.

Barcode Scanning

Save time and money by analysing information on the move. Using Device Manager Mobile, you scan multiple bar code types, performing Quick Find searching against your system. This feature gives you real-time results at your fingertip.

SMS/Text Alerts

This System Monitoring feature provides an excellent means of direct communication to system users. It is perfect for appointment reminders and urgent updates, ensuring you stay on top of your work load. Send single or group (departmental) messages. 

Mobile Devices

Used in conjunction with Filemaker GO, this custom designed solution allows you to work on the move. Securely connects with your main system, enabling instant, real-time data exchange with a wide range of functionality.

System Features

Barcode scanning

Electronic signature capture

Data export options

Internet integration

Mobile device compatability

Multi user options

Dynamic printing

Audit up to 3 devices

Instant statistical analysis

Agenda and alert options

SMS and email functionality

Integrated calendar module

Life Cycle

The entire lifecycle of the device is managed by the system, from acquisition to retirement. With the use of in-built statistics, reporting and auditing, you can accurately assess device performance and value for money.

Device Manager will help you to maintain current and accurate inventory of your devices and related parts and accessories as they move through the four stages of the lifecycle as illustrated.

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