Welcome To Planned Delivery

Planned Delivery is an exciting new electronic booking software package that improves patient safety by allowing your department  to manage their daily workload. Planned Delivery fully automates the patient booking process, eliminating the outdated practice of using a handwritten diary.

This feature-rich system allows the department to manage their daily workload more efficiently, ensuring that the distribution of patient bookings is compatible with staffing levels. Intuitive design ensures that data entry must adhere to pre-set rules, that, if broken, will require approval from a senior member of staff.

System Rules

Using our comprehensive ‘Setup’ functionality, your department can create various riles for every booking scenario. Users must adhere to these to successfully book a patient for delivery.

Set Booking Limits

Reduce human error and improve patient safety by managing your department’s daily workload. Choose the maximum number of IOL and CS for each day type to ensure staff levels can manage.

User Guidance

Based on your data entry, the system will guide you by displaying the safe range of booking for the patient. Any overbooking or dates chosen outside the displayed range will require approval from a senior consultant.

Improve Patient Safety

Planned Delivery targets the inadequacies of current booking methods.

Detailed Data Analysis

Click of a button access to comprehensive statistics with accompanying graphical charts to help improve auditing of your service.

Compare data across different sites, such as management, mode of delivery and outcome.

Easily detect cases where the outcome of the delivery differs from the planned action.

View entries that required approval, allowing your department to fine tune their rules.

System Features

Customisable setup area

Real-time data synchronisation

Set daily limits for patient bookings

Move patients to different dates

Transfer patients to other hospitals

Intuitive data entry

Comprehensive statistics with graphics

Detailed dynamic printing options

Robust security

Automatic text alerts sent to patients

In-built preoperative appointment system

Waiting list option

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